Get into Shabbat

There I was with 20 other young Jewish people who had never done Shabbat before. My first impression, and it’s what I remember till this day, is that I witnessed true peace and serenity in the home. The wife and husband were getting along and the children were so respectful to their parents. I felt intuitively that this was the true path; inside myself I wanted this type of life one day.

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At this time in my life I also began to play with the thoughts of free will. Often I would ponder the evil atrocities committed by the Nazi regime. Although at the time I had no real answer, I came to the conclusion that if man can have such potential for evil then man can have the same potential for good. I wanted to live my life to be good. I just didn’t know how or what to do.

This is an excerpt from my new book Not A Lone Soldier, due out this Fall. Take control of the wheel and make this world good. It needs YOU!

K n o w Y o u r R o o t s

One of the biggest mistakes a Dad can show their kids is that Judaism is controlling and limiting. Why the negativity? Instead try explaining it as a process and relationship that you build with God. That means screwing up sometimes and doing your best to improve. It’s about becoming more and more responsible. For so many of us it is almost weird and frowned upon to mention the word “chosen nation” to our youth. It’s like until we ourselves feel it, we can’t give it. In my book Not Alone Soldier, I discuss what I personally saw to religious kids whose parents tried to dominate them with religion instead of nurturing them. We need to show our kids how we are a miraculous nation but it takes a bit of knowing about our history and purpose. Surviving three thousand years of persecution while keeping the Torah is a supernatural phenomenon that cannot be logically explained.

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Live Like a Hero

Life ain’t easy, and parenting is no joke. It’s tough and full of pain. Roi Klein of blessed memory was a special forces commando in Golani’s leading unit EGOZ. He had a saying “tough is good.” When it’s tough you know you are growing. Roi died giving his life for his fellow soldiers by muffling a grenade thrown by a terrorist in Lebanon. He said the Shema Yisrael just before it exploded. How are you living for the Jewish People?

The Boa Constrictor is Surrounding American Jews

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Life in America is not going to be the same for American Jews in the months to come, too many celebrities are thriving with their comments while the response to them is really meaningless in the eyes of the masses. It’s time to get back to basics and remember where home is. In my book Not Alone Soldier, I talk about Crying Out For Aliyah: Journal Entry as a Lone Soldier:

Throughout the entire process of actually making my way to Israel I kept thinking. We are alone; no one is there to have our back. Stop lying, stop justifying. We have one home. We are a nation and we have a responsibility to one another. With a heart pounding, these are my feelings about why Jewish people outside of Israel should be making Aliyah. In the last sixty years the Jewish people have had a lot to give thanks for with the establishment of the State of Israel. For the first time in two thousand years, Jews now have access to their ancestral roots. But the problem is that manyJews don’t feel the urge to come.  They don’t think about how Holocaust victims dreamed of coming, nor do they think of what kind of mitzvah it is to come to Israel and start a life here. Our people have a tradition lasting over three thousand that deserves giving respect. We received a tradition from our ancestors who got received the Torah’s guidelines at Mount Sinai and passed it on in an unbroken chain. Everyone is caught up with their careers and convenience. The wake-up calls are getting stronger and stronger. Anti-Semitism is growing all over the world.  Are you going to be a victim? Or part of the solution? Either direction will not be comfortable, but the chance to choose between right and wrong is now, before it’s too late. The Jewish people need you and your family here in our cherished country. Together may we meet peacefully in our land.

I am a Jew, do I control the media? Nick Cannon 4.4 Million followers, David 30

Something is so wrong. Why is everyone say that we control the media? Does it even make any sense? If the Jews control the media, so why is there so much biased information in favor of Palestinians and virtually nothing positive about Israel or the Jewish people on the news?

Chosen, but what for?

So many of us have heard the term, “Chosen People” but really have no idea what it means. It has become a term that has faded out in some ways. But that’s about to change. All the Anti-Jewishness happening throughout the world will only push our people forward to real soul searching and discover the light that exists within their own heritage.

But it starts at home, how we pass on our claim as a “Chosen People” depends on us as parents. On the one hand you can’t claim to be Chosen and act like the masses who weren’t. For me, “Chosen” means obligations and responsibility, not perfection. It’s about the journey and pursuit. Character improvement, being a role model and attaching oneself to our faith.

There is no doubt, many are trying to take us down, but we as members of the Nation of Israel will always thrive. Waiting for you here in Israel. DP

It’s not what you know, but who you know. But do you know yourself?

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That first quote we all know since like high school right? I was blinded by that until my twenties when I decided to make a deeper jump into my own faith. When you know yourself nothing stops you and you don’t care what others deem as cool, because you don’t need to please anyone to be happy. But when you are happy with yourself others want to be around you. Self respect, confidence and pride in your own heritage is the beginning for real growth.

In my book Not Alone Soldier, I recall being in a nightclub when some of the most famous NBA basketball legends passed by me and I got to meet them and give a high five. Although I thought I had one of the coolest life experiences, it got me thinking… Is this it? If I had the amount of money that they had, is this where I would be… Something was missing… Then a serious journey of self exploration started and I had questions. I just didn’t know where to get the answers until later. But I knew a new beginning was taking place for me.


What can you do today to get more connected to who you really are and stop wearing the mask for others?

What’s It All About?

The DJ was tearing it up and the bass was pounding the club. I was upstairs in the VIP room, my friends had connections. Wondering around and ordering drinks, the same old kind of thing. I was living in the moment sort of. On the one hand I felt cool as I looked down on the dancefloor and felt like this was the pinnacle of life.

This was the beginning of college and I felt it was the best life had to offer. Too bad, after so many years of this finally I made a change and now I’m here where I am today. Unfortunatley too many of our youth are on the same sad path I was on. Only I hope that things will change and that’s why I wrote my book Not Alone Soldier, due out this fall G-d willing. Stay tuned for more insights on my journey of spirituality, Israel, IDF and fatherhood.

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