It’s not what you know, but who you know. But do you know yourself?

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That first quote we all know since like high school right? I was blinded by that until my twenties when I decided to make a deeper jump into my own faith. When you know yourself nothing stops you and you don’t care what others deem as cool, because you don’t need to please anyone to be happy. But when you are happy with yourself others want to be around you. Self respect, confidence and pride in your own heritage is the beginning for real growth.

In my book Not Alone Soldier, I recall being in a nightclub when some of the most famous NBA basketball legends passed by me and I got to meet them and give a high five. Although I thought I had one of the coolest life experiences, it got me thinking… Is this it? If I had the amount of money that they had, is this where I would be… Something was missing… Then a serious journey of self exploration started and I had questions. I just didn’t know where to get the answers until later. But I knew a new beginning was taking place for me.


What can you do today to get more connected to who you really are and stop wearing the mask for others?

What’s It All About?

The DJ was tearing it up and the bass was pounding the club. I was upstairs in the VIP room, my friends had connections. Wondering around and ordering drinks, the same old kind of thing. I was living in the moment sort of. On the one hand I felt cool as I looked down on the dancefloor and felt like this was the pinnacle of life.

This was the beginning of college and I felt it was the best life had to offer. Too bad, after so many years of this finally I made a change and now I’m here where I am today. Unfortunatley too many of our youth are on the same sad path I was on. Only I hope that things will change and that’s why I wrote my book Not Alone Soldier, due out this fall G-d willing. Stay tuned for more insights on my journey of spirituality, Israel, IDF and fatherhood.

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Happy Independence Day

Being truly independent means you act from your inner self and not your surroundings. Our greatest leader and forefather Abraham was the true role model of such independence. His search for truth brought him to his prophetic level but he attained it by truly searching and not trying to fit in with his neighbors. On this Israeli Independence Day share with your loved ones a story where you followed your inner self. Enjoy today’s post: The Real Meaning of “A Light Among The Nations.”