From Dust to…

A person at his most basic part is dust, but what gives him life is the spirit of Hashem. Without that- we are just dust. What gives us meaning is to find Him in this world of dust. That also means asking ourselves, what are we doing as parents, why are we parents and where are we heading. Amidst all the headaches of laundry, dishes, cleaning, and day to day- let’s stop and ask, why and what for, and for who? Stopping to take a few minutes and ask this question can I think realign us to our true purpose.

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Getting Your Kids on Track

For parents with young kids realize that you will only get these years once. The effect they have on our children molds and shapes them for the rest of their life. How many times can we trace back memories of regret, low self-esteem only to regret them today? If we want our kids going in the right path, we have to build them up. That means even accepting their faults (it doesn’t mean not ignoring them) but not overreacting with outrageous punishments that don’t really hold up or change behavior. If we want to be the dominate influence and help our kids make it, let’s be there truly for them. I know parents who shut their cell phones off as soon as they get home until their kids are asleep. Let’s try being there, fully, for them.

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Aggression with Kids- A Cry for Reconnection

Kids that are erupting and attacking their siblings, parents etc. are frustrated. If you want to change the problems in the home, stop trying to teach a lesson in the moment of stress but rather, go deeper and repair the connection.

Children go through so much frustration from the minute they get up and it’s not easy from that point until they go to sleep. Think about how many challenges we as adults have, imagine how many a kid has especially when they can’t seem things logically from such an early age. The main point is that we have to expect that our kids will have that frustration, but how do we keep the connection alive. When they are acting up, can you just change the topic, can you leave the lesson teaching at the moment and just give a hug? What can you do to just weather the situation and wait for a better time to teach? Just keep the connection alive.

Get into Shabbat

There I was with 20 other young Jewish people who had never done Shabbat before. My first impression, and it’s what I remember till this day, is that I witnessed true peace and serenity in the home. The wife and husband were getting along and the children were so respectful to their parents. I felt intuitively that this was the true path; inside myself I wanted this type of life one day.

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At this time in my life I also began to play with the thoughts of free will. Often I would ponder the evil atrocities committed by the Nazi regime. Although at the time I had no real answer, I came to the conclusion that if man can have such potential for evil then man can have the same potential for good. I wanted to live my life to be good. I just didn’t know how or what to do.

This is an excerpt from my new book Not A Lone Soldier, due out this Fall. Take control of the wheel and make this world good. It needs YOU!

K n o w Y o u r R o o t s

One of the biggest mistakes a Dad can show their kids is that Judaism is controlling and limiting. Why the negativity? Instead try explaining it as a process and relationship that you build with God. That means screwing up sometimes and doing your best to improve. It’s about becoming more and more responsible. For so many of us it is almost weird and frowned upon to mention the word “chosen nation” to our youth. It’s like until we ourselves feel it, we can’t give it. In my book Not Alone Soldier, I discuss what I personally saw to religious kids whose parents tried to dominate them with religion instead of nurturing them. We need to show our kids how we are a miraculous nation but it takes a bit of knowing about our history and purpose. Surviving three thousand years of persecution while keeping the Torah is a supernatural phenomenon that cannot be logically explained.

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Live Like a Hero

Life ain’t easy, and parenting is no joke. It’s tough and full of pain. Roi Klein of blessed memory was a special forces commando in Golani’s leading unit EGOZ. He had a saying “tough is good.” When it’s tough you know you are growing. Roi died giving his life for his fellow soldiers by muffling a grenade thrown by a terrorist in Lebanon. He said the Shema Yisrael just before it exploded. How are you living for the Jewish People?