Jewish Dad Today is a site for parents to gain ideas, tips and add joy to their parenting. The long road ahead of us requires opening our eyes to the wisdom in Judaism to successfully lead our youth.

The site is managed by David Perlow. He grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona. After a number of challenges that he faced as a college student, Judaism helped him focus and succeed. His life really began to take off after a visit to Israel where he was inspired by the legacy of Michael Levin, a lone soldier who gave his life fighting for the Jewish people. Taking that inspiration, David moved to Israel and decided to follow a similar path of joining the armed forces while growing in Jewish spirituality.

Today he works in education and lives in Israel with his family. Many of his thoughts on parenting come from Dr. Gordon Neufeld. He is available for speaking opportunities to students and adults, to contact him email: david@jewishdadtoday.com

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