Dear JDT, I’m ticked off….

Dear JDT,

So I’m trying my hardest to be a good dad, but at the end of the day at work I’m so exhausted and have barely any energy to deal with anything. I actually can’t wait for everyone to just go to sleep so I can sit on my porch and just breathe. My boss is very demanding and sometimes I need to put in extra time to make my day to day at work flow better. I like my job and feel that I make a difference in the world with what I do but I’m not the same guy I was six years ago when my kids just needed their diapers changed. Now they are much bigger and my wife needs so much help everyday with them. I don’t what or how to do to make this thing work better, am I doomed?

Doomed Dad?


Hold up man it sounds that your are swamped. Let’s get some better time management going. Let’s think about your drive home from work, you are probably complaining most of the time or pseudo looking at the good in life but not really. Did you ever just try screaming at the top of your lungs in a silent way. It’s a Chasidic trick called the Silent Scream, I wrote an article about once:

Anyways try it when you can’t take it anymore. It’s okay to be in pain but you need to release it man, otherwise it pops up when something triggers your anger at home. Try getting back into the music you used to love that made your heart feel happier, or better yet discover new songs that touch you. My personal favorite song this month is Cry by Gryffn an amazing DJ and music producer:

Gryffn- Cry

It’s great that you like your job but let’s find out where we can plan better so that when you are at home you are there fully and when you are work you are tearin’ it up. Best luck brother-


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