A Push For Aliyah

As I look back on my own personal journey, now close to 12 years of living in Israel. I am relieved yet disturbed. Making Aliyah was the best thing I ever did in my life. I was inspired by a trip to Israel and began to think where do I want my future? I came back to America, graduated college and thought. Wow, at this moment there are guys my age serving a mandatory 3 years in the IDF. Here I am with all the world before me, where does G-d need me. I know it sounds maybe different. G-d doesn’t need anything, but maybe the question was what would G-d want from me in this situation. Where could my strengths be best used. At that moment I realized and was able to focus my path.

The Land Of Israel, yearned and desired for throughout the exile, that was my calling.

Israel is our home and our future. With everything happening in the US, are you still convinced that you belong there? Are you expecting it to get better?

It’s time to come home.

Published by jewishdadtoday

Married and father of three wonderful kids living in the Jewish Homeland. Breakthrough teacher of the year 2018. Lover of Judaism.

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