Outrage in Israel

This past week has been disturbing as a father, former soldier, teacher and Jew. Since the light of Chanukah has gone, a soldier has been dismissed from his unit after failing to fire on a terrorist who was attacking him. This same week a murder took place on a woman who lives in one of the most beautiful places in Eretz Yisrael, Samaria.

There’s so many unsettling feelings I don’t know where to begin. People are complaining about being vaccinated, and our country is facing a third national lockdown. After hearing about the murder of a Esther Horgan a mother of six, I had to seek advice from a Rabbi. I contacted Rabbi Menachem Listman, head of the Machon Meir English Department.

We are a nation struggling to identify ourselves, but there is so much work to do.

Under no situation should our soldiers fear repercussions for defending our nations citizens. This unfortunate young man was in the line of duty and totally trained to do his job. But fear from his own future by his own countries court system made him freeze. I can relate, as a soldier off duty I was once caught off guard driving as a passenger to our beautiful complex Ma’ale Zeiteim just outside the Old City. Suddenly I saw rocks being thrown at Jews just a few hundred feet in front of me. I opened up the door and began to run toward those threatening the lives of my neighbors. My rifle was swinging from my shoulder and as I was about to start shooting warning shots, a camera man out of no where wearing a helmet ran into my face and started filming me. At that moment, I too froze, but luckily at the same time so did all the rock throwers.

I met hundreds of soldiers while serving and never met one of them that ever said he enlisted “to kill”. I only heard things like, it’s my duty, or I want to protect our country, things of this sort.

The gut wrenching tragedy of Esther Horgan should only cause us to strengthen our resolve of living and inheriting the land that is rightfully ours as promised in the Torah. No one wants to openly fight, but let’s make the fight to make our own families:

Live Torah in Joy

Make our wives feel more appreciated

Increase our resolve in strengthening our identity as Jews

This photo was taken last week just before the end of Chanukah from Mount Gerizim in Samaria. The blue square located on the left side of the picture is where Yosef HaTzadik is buried. May his merit intercede on our behalf and for all of Israel.

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Married and father of three wonderful kids living in the Jewish Homeland. Breakthrough teacher of the year 2018. Lover of Judaism.

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