Alone in the Dark

This past Shabbat we read in the Torah how Yosef was thrown into a dark well by his own brothers. They did so out of jealousy and hatred and thought that what they were doing was just.

Something that must be taught to our kids is that they have power. I remember as a soldier being greeted at the bus stops by small kids passing out treats and thank you blessings to all of my unit. The power that had on us strengthened us greatly.

When a kid hears from his parents that they have power, you give them the feeling that they are big, something they all want. Through last week’s Torah portion, we can teach our children that there are many people in a dark place just like Yosef. They might be someone who feels alone at school, or someone who is in a wheelchair, or someone who is elderly. There are many people who feel like they are in a lone dark cave, with no way out.

Photo by michael podger and Paulo Soeiro on Unsplash

Our job as parents is to instill within our kids through a positive example that we can act as the shamash candle of the Chanukah Menorah and bring light to all those in the dark.

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