Keep at it

We only get these years once. Let’s make them the best we can. Investing our time with our kids and helping them develop. Giving each one the space and time that they need with us. It’s great to take the kids out together but really they each all need us alone here and there. We may be busy at work and up to our ears in demands, but add some prayer and ask The Creator to be there for you. He gave you your kids for you to take care of. If you feel the need, request that He help you.

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“Hashem thank you for my children, I’m trying my best to give to them and to be the best I can for them. At the same time I am stressed with work and my different obligations, please help me with everything going on so that I can have a clear head to help my kids.”

Prayer from the heart can work miracles.

Connection Before Direction

In Gordon Neufeld’s “Hang On To Your Kids” best seller it basically sums up what I always felt inside. If we want our kids to go on a positive path, let’s make sure we make the connection as strong as can be before molding them. This will prevent that nagging syndrome. It doesn’t mean it’s always easy, or foolproof. But short term strict parenting approaches often backfire with the kids eventually not wanting to be around. This requires a lot of deep breaths because it doesn’t come easy but pays off big in the end.

Instead of reacting from the gut, respond from the soul.

Thank You Congregation Beth Tefilla Scottsdale

To all those who joined my interview a huge Thank You! It meant so much to me to share my story with you. I appreciate the time you took to be with me as well as the questions you asked. It meant the world, if you have connections with schools or other youth groups who may be interested in a similar Q&A please send me an email to:

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Happy Passover

Is there something wrong here?

So today I took my family for a bar-b-que to celebrate our Nation’s holiday: Passover. Look at the picture above, is there something strange going on? It’s an Arab family enjoying the beautiful Israeli spring weather next to mine. Israel is the future of peace in the world despite the lies you here from the BDS.

Today I was disheartened deeply when I saw that my country was being labeled as Occupying again.

When you call Israel an Occupying State, what does that mean exactly in relation to where you are in America. How long have you lived in your home, how far back can you trace your family history in comfortable America. Where were they before? Who settled America, and who was in America before the White Man? The entire country is Occupied by settlers who came to make it big financially in the new world. How did they get the land? Through eradicating the Native Indian population. Doesn’t sound so nice, but you’ll get over it, right? It won’t change anything, because you didn’t actually do the dirty work. But you still will enjoy your country.

The area which is being talked about in the News now is called Samaria. This is Ancient Israel land according to the bible. When our country was surrounded by all sides in 1967 a war started and this area was captured by Israel. The question is, who started this war? Can you imagine Arizona being surrounded by California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Mexico and each of those states were crying out for the death, murder and rape of every citizen in Arizona? That every Arizonan was going to be pushed into the Grand Canyon? Let’s say that Arizona went to war as a defensive act and captured some of that land. Let’s say that to keep the peace and protect their citizens they didn’t return that land. Would anyone say anything about Arizona being to blame?

Some politicians ridicule our Prime Minister with witty catch phrases like when it comes to Israel, “It’s all about the Benjamins.” Sad. Our people, can proudly trace our Nation’s history back for the past 3,300 years. Just yesterday I visited Shiloh, one of our Nation’s most revered sites in Judaism which is located in beautiful Samaria. Are people that daft to say that the Jewish Nation is occupying a place foreign to our people? Whereas we can honestly claim that this is Our land based on our Torah which has been kept for over 3,000 years, people in America should be more cautious with their words, pointing fingers and claiming we are in the wrong. Take a look in the mirror yourself.

In the meantime, as Jewish parents you have to know that this is a huge test for you. How much effort will you put into educating your kids about their own heritage. Get involved and don’t take the lies they spill on us. The Jewish People are here to stay –

How can you help?

Passover Prep Starts Now

Now is the time to start prepping for the Seder night. As father’s we need to be ready with plenty of things to say and activities. If you want a meaningful Seder get started now. A few things you can do to get ready:

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash
  1. Buy awesome Hagaddah’s with cool pictures like the one I listed in the post previously. If you order soon they will arrive to your home with plenty of time for you to scan through them ahead of time. Start picking out the main areas you want to focus on during the Passover night, ask yourself ‘what will connect most with my kids.’
  2. If your kids like art try setting 15-20 minutes a day with them in making their own mini Hagaddah that they can show off at the Seder night. To keep it simple, think about the 10 plagues. Have each kid make a mini booklet with each page depicting a certain plague. You can download pictures of the internet or make up your own. Give them responsibilities for the Passover night, it can make it so much more enjoyable.

The main idea here is to start thinking ahead, how do you want the night to go, if you want your kids to stick around- you are going to need the tools. But remember it’s okay if they aren’t into it the way you’d like them to. Keep up your positive role model influence and let them see how much you put in the extra effort to make it something special.